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promo [
9.19.06 - 7.58pm
[Unknown LJ tag]

all mods, co-mods and five members at sister communities have auto-accepts. Join now!
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community [
8.4.06 - 12.53am
JOIN sayokay like now.Collapse )
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hihihi [
7.1.06 - 11.33pm
[ mood | chipper ]

so i went shopping today for a lot of stuff for camp and i had to get my graduation outfit for camp. if you want pictures IM me loveexstruckx

i loveeee it. kodos to my mom for picking out the top :)

p.s sorry the entry is so short ill most likely be editing it later. bye!
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fucking boys. [
6.30.06 - 11.30pm
[ mood | sad ]

i hate boys who ignore me. or like. dont believe me when i say no. and they're like oh your so lying. yeah right. go believe your ex girlfriend i dont fucking care anymore. i seriously dont. way to be different hun. way to "not like any other boy" your the one who lied. your the one who told me i wouldnt get hurt yet your the one who set it all up. well im here to say thanks. thanks for showing me. that you are incredibly mean. thanks for showing me how stupid and reckless i was. trusting you. ha what was i thinking. why trust anyone anymore. that was my fault. and this is my fault to right? yeah right. you know what have fun with that brittany girl. but let her know that your forevers and reall forever. and that your words. arent really. trustful. i love how i cant tell a boy im mad at them. and i love how i cant tell a boy they hurt me alot. i just say im okay. HELLO! any one who thinks im okay after this is an asshole. gah. im fucking done with boys. i hope i never ever have a boyfriend again. and if i do. it will take a long time to trust them. considering too many boys let me the fuck down. too many boys have to be all gay and shit and fuck things up. let me tell you one thing mister. this one. isnt my fault.

Just do as you're instructed and....
Take this razor and cut your palms
I'll do the same until a river of crimson begins to flow
Now drip your ruby red over the casket
A funeral for my once loved youth

Fuck this. im done for good. =\
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mhm. [
6.30.06 - 10.10pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

so i deffinatly got to come home this weekend and im super happy. like you have no idea how happy. but anyway. i have to go back sunday. and were not moving so attention all calvary people who wont be reading this i am coming back. and im going to be a cheerleader... maybe i dnot really feel like staying after till 6 o clock everyday though. so whatever. uhm yeah. but my boyfriends in arkansas. for a week. and like when he gets back ill be in mt gilead.

but dude me and joanna are going to have so much fun at harvey cedars. like its going to be amazing. im already planning tanning sessions [or burning] and crap. and like yeah eric will be down there and said he could meet us on some of the beaches or that we could walk // drive to his house when we had off that be uber fun.

and yeah im tired of writing this much cause noone reads it anyway bye loves ♥
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communities [
6.30.06 - 9.54pm
communitiesCollapse )
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lovee. [
6.13.06 - 11.51pm
[ mood | happy ]

Smitch was absolutly amazing i loved it. there were so many true things about calvary in it. and like just tonight even if i didnt see the movie. eric told me i was beautiful tonight and i said yeah its probably because im wearing a completly revealing shirt and a mini skirt. and he said no i just looked simply beautiful well i was on the phone with him around 11. and i told him i was writing his mother a note. because i dont think his mother likes me. and she never lets us see each other. so i wrote her a note. and i was reading it to eric on te phone and its basically all about how much i love him and how much i do want to be with him and all that jazz. and someday you know i will be with him,. even if i have to wait like 4 years then so be it. i dont care as long as hes mine which he is now. but i mean fully mine. im fine with it. another thing.

dont you love how every one throws the word hate around and people egt on your case like dont say that thats a very strong 4 lettered word. yeah well love used to be just as strong until people started throwing that around. i like how the old days were someone who said i love you actually meant it. and you could tell they actually meant it because you never really heard itthat often now its being passed around so much you dont know if theyre just trying to use you for sex or if they are actually meaning it. well i trust my boyfriend. and i never really used to. in fact. i didnt take our relationship seriou for the first oh i dont know year... and like. now im actually starting to buckle down just being with him serious lightens up my day. and i like cuddling with him i like hugging him and i like kissing him. trust me we never got through a movie without kissing until ... actually we have never gottin through a movie. well tonight we only kissed once. when he told me he loved me. and i believed him because yes i do here it from him every night almost every night on the phone but i know its true. and i say it back because i do love him back.

i dislike how parents//people think we dont know what love is because were teenagers were supposed to be young and reckless with our lives. well ive come to the point were i disprove that statement although i may not be able to fully grasp the content of love i can handle it enough to know what it is and to know i have it for a certain person in my life. love is this undesrcibable feeling between two people. its when just being with the person and you never want to leave. well im done with rambling.

i love eric micheal herb <3

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hnfweohg [
6.12.06 - 9.53am
[ mood | gahhhh! ]

isnt it amazing getting your hopes up for something that doesnt happen. Getting all ready and prettified and waiting for 2 friggen hours for that certain person to call you . waiting for him to come oer. Waiting to be sneaky and have him home when nobody else comes home until 7 pm. Suddenly it passes 7am the time he was supposed to call. Then 8 o clock creeps on. Then nine. and now ten. I hate when he says hell come over or that hell call and never does. I hate this with a passion. Like even if he couldnt come he should have at least attempted to call and say he couldnt come but do i even get that uhm no i dont. fun huh.

oh and then get this i wasnt supposed to leave for camp untill July 2nd. So my mom calls me this morning and tells me im leaving June 23 and i dont get back until July 22nd. Hello I leave in 11 days. and im gone for nearly one month. Almost exactly. And then im here until August 4th and then i Leave until September 5th. Hm im going to cry alot. Oh and on top of that im not going back to calvary because my mom plans on moving when were away so we cant do anything about it. Im going to pensbury next year. My mom already went up and told the Village of Penbrook people we were moiving there.

Whatever its not like any of my friends will realize that im gone Fun huh.
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First Post. [
6.11.06 - 2.35pm
[ mood | dnhsogi ]

So i have had atleast 8 other livejournals and i never keep up with them. yet im determind to keep up with this one. to use this as my venting thing. Encouragement is amazing. So im really tired of my boyfriend. Hes always breaking promises. Or not being able to hangout like last minute. and i never get reasons just excuses. Well im tired of excuses. Tireedddd of them. Like majorly. And im soo sick of hearing the same excuses so i can obviously tell hes either lying or just doesnt feel like telling me the real reason which i guess would fall into lying. well yeah this shit sucks. like. im tired of not being able to trust him. at first this relationship started where i wasnt the trustworthy one. but it took a quick change. and i mean quick. mhm enough venting.
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